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Employment Law

We have extensive experience and a track record of success representing clients in various labor and employment matters.  Employment law is a complex area of law consisting of specific standards, procedures, legal defenses, and deadlines that require an assistance of an experienced legal expert.  We have the expertise and experience to assist with your employment law questions.

Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Discharge Claims

The law prohibits employers from discharging, suspending or taking other adverse actions against its employees based on the employee’s race, gender, nationality, religion, disability or arrest record.  If it is established that the employer discriminated against its employee, the employer can be liable for back wages, legal expenses, and in some cases, emotional distress and punitive damages.  Employment discrimination claims are first investigated by administrative agencies such as the ERD or the EEOC, but some claims may end up being litigated in State or Federal Courts.  Claims that are not filed within the applicable deadlines may become extinguished.

Attorney Bykhovsky has represented employees and employers in employment discrimination matters for over twelve years.  If you are an employer or and employee faced with an employment discrimination situation, you need to consult with an attorney that can protect your rights.  Contact us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Fair Wages and Overtime Claims

There are Federal, State, and local laws and regulations that regulate wages that must be paid to employees, and hours that an employee can be required to work.  An employee who is not paid minimum wages, overtime wages, or who is not paid the wages earned during the course of employment, can sue the employer and recover up to twice the amount of the underpaid wages, together with legal expenses.  Wage claims are subject to strict time limits, and there are many legal defenses that an employer can assert against wage claims.  If you require assistance with a wage claim, please contact us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Claims

Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and similar State laws, certain qualified employees are entitled to time off from work for serious health conditions and child birth.  When those rights are violated, or an employee is disciplined or retaliated against for exercising the FMLA rights, an employee can seek damages against the employer for lost wages, reinstatement, and legal expenses.  If you believe that your FMLA rights have been violated, or if you are facing an FMLA claim from your employee, you need to consult with an experienced attorney.  If you require assistance with an FMLA claim, please contact us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.